The movement of conscientious objectors
Consientious objection in Russia
Alexander Belik - lawyer and coordinator of the Movement CO
1. Army is not a prison, military duty is not an imprisonment
2. Alternative civil service
During the period 2015-2018, the MCO collected statistics on 353 sessions of Draft commissions, which considered applications for the replacement of compulsory military service by ACS.

169 (48%) draftees have achieved replacement of military service with ACS,
184 (52%) were denied

This statistic was presented to ECHR (amicus curiae to Dyagilev v. Russia) and to OHCHR
Citizen may be refused to replace military service with ACS:
He violated the deadline and (or) the procedure for submitting an application for the replacement of military service with ACS
Documents characterizing him and other data do not correspond to the arguments of a citizen that military service is contrary to his convictions or religion
In the application of a citizen on the replacement of military service with ACS and the documents attached to it, false information is provided
He was twice called to the Draft commission meetings and did not attend them without good reason
He was previously given the opportunity to perform ACS and he avoided it
3. CO on medical reasons
4. Militarization of youth
Before being called up for military service, male citizens are trained in the basics of military service in educational institutions as part of the educational program of secondary general education or secondary vocational education.

Training of male citizens in the basics of military service is carried out by pedagogical workers of the specified educational organizations in accordance with federal state educational standards.

Training for male citizens in the basics of military service provides for pre-military service with such citizens.
Article 13 of the Federal Law of 28.03.1998 N 53-ФЗ "On Military Duty and Military Service"
Conscientious objectors from pre-military trainings
5. Queer Draftee
6. Movement of conscious objectors
Movement towards a free world without violence (Mission of MCO)
Manifest of MCO
1. Support for conscientious objectors (preparation of teaching materials, consultations, the moral support).

2. Empowerment of conscientious objectors to protect their rights and help other conscientious objectors.

3. Forming a community of conscientious objectors.

4. Protecting the public interests, such as:
- opposition to militarization, in particular, militarization of children and youth,
- refusal of compulsory military service,
- popularization and democratization of the institute of alternative civil service,
- openness and effectiveness of the military administration,
- peacebuilding.
Structure of MCO
600 participants from 69 Russian regions. They can communicate, share an experiments, empower and consult each other in regional chats of MCOnet in social networks.

30 volunteers together are "moving to a free world without violence" (it's Mission of MCO). They communicate in working groups: SMM, Consulters, Community organizing.

6 coordinators (Headquarters) are lead all this activities and synchronize MCO.
Alexander Belik - lawyer and coordinator
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